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TITLE : How To Become A Freight Broker Agent

Freight broker agent how to become a freight agent july 26 2012 by jim casey leave a comment being a freight broker agent is a good job to start with if you want to build a career in transportation and logisticslfs freight broker training program gives individuals complete knowledge on freight dispatching after enrolling in a 2 month freight broker training program lfs freight broker agent training program is designed with a hands on experience that teaches true freight dispatch procedures and trucking company development unafter youve gotten acquainted with the important role of the freight broker and what you need to get started in terms of education and a business plan its time to delve into the legal side of how to become a freight brokerbecome a freight agent with our agent program dating back to 1990 we have over 25 years of proven experience making current freight agents successful by helping them predict and duplicate their incomethere are two steps for registration and licensing the first is getting the usdot number and the second is getting the motor carrier operating authority although these are two separate steps you complete them through the same portal at

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