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TITLE : The Noonday Demon An Atlas Of Depression

After slogging through a large chunk of the noonday demon ive come to accept i just cant see it through to the end this book is lethal alternately depressing readers boring readers and making readers roll their eyes so hard they pop out of their headspressestimmen richard bernstein the new york times all encompassing brave and deeply humaneit is open minded critically informed and poetic at the same time and despite the nature of its subject it is written with far too much lan and elegance ever to become depressing itselfthe noonday demon an atlas of depression with a major new chapter on recently introduced and novel treatments suicide and antidepressants pregnancy and depression and much more t he noonday demons contribution to our understanding not only of mental illness but also of the human condition in general is stunningextensive fantastic brilliant just prepare to use every superlative there is this book is not as amazing as far from the tree a must read but that doesnt mean it is bad because it isnt bad at allthe noonday demon an atlas of depression andrew solomon on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers andrew solomons national book award winning bestselling and transformative masterpiece on depressionthe book for a generation

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