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TITLE : Nothing To Hide The False Tradeoff Between Privacy And Security

If youve got nothing to hide many people say you shouldnt worry about government surveillance others argue that we must sacrifice privacy for securitydaniel j solove nothing to hide the false tradeoff between privacy and security chapter 1 yale university press 2011 gwu law school public law research paper no 571summary the book written for a general audience includes some material that had been adapted by law review articles written by solove raymond g kessler wrote in the law and politics book review that the average reader may find some discussions of the law difficult to followvii preface the idea for this book began with an essay i wrote a few years ago called ive got nothing to hide and other misunderstandings ofnothing to hide is a good overview of arguments for privacy protections against the national security state and for some audiences its probably a wonderful book it reads like its written at the 5th grade level however and the very simple sentences grate horribly after a while

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