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TITLE : How To Draw People

How to draw people drawing a person may sound difficult but its really a simple process if you approach it systematically the easiest way to draw people is with the ball and socket technique a method in which the artist sketcheshow to draw realistic people people are arguably the most difficult subject to draw realistically read on to discover the rules of drawing a realistic face as well as a realistic figure make sure you draw lightly so its more of aso here we come to one of the most time consuming drawing ie how to draw people whatever you have learned till now would be put to test in the following picturehow to draw simple bodies simple foundation for drawing people with accurate proportions + if you can kill it with this first series more advanced drawing will be wayyy easierhome directory of drawing lessons how to draw people how to draw people and drawing human figures and the body learn how to draw people their bodies figures as great cartoons comics illustrations and photo realistic art with these free drawing lessons

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