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TITLE : How To Glaze Pottery

How to glaze pottery pottery glazes are complex mixtures that fuse to pottery when placed in a kiln at high temperatures glazes are responsible both for decorating the pottery and for creating an attractive glossy surface that protectsin this tutorial about glazing pottery we go through some of the things that i think about when i am glazing i like thick glazes around the top and lots of drips and colors glazing is a clay pottery is a fun and creative art form that can be done with slabs of clay and not only on a spinning wheel this free video clip series will show you several tips on how to glaze pottery and open a world of design ideas for youthis sounds exactly like what it is in this glazing method the pottery is immersed in the glaze batch for about three seconds dipping pottery into a fluid glaze about the consistency of heavy cream is one of the fastest ways to glaze large quantities of pottery

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