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TITLE : Where Is The Taj Mahal

Tomb the tomb is the central focus of the entire complex of the taj mahal it is a large white marble structure standing on a square plinth and consists of a symmetrical building with an iwan an arch shaped doorway topped by a large dome and finialder titel dieses artikels ist mehrdeutig weitere bedeutungen sind unter taj mahal begriffsklrung aufgefhrtoriginally answered where is the taj mahal located in india spamming and spoiling quora please refrain from asking such questions this is a good platform to improve ones knowledge and spamming it with such questions for which answers can be easily found on google with just a clickcity agra on the banks of river yamuna state uttar pradesh distance from delhi 204 km approx its the city of agra that has received the honor of having one of seven wonders of the world the taj mahal an abode for eternal love in its courtyardtaj mahal also spelled tadj mahall mausoleum complex in agra western uttar pradesh state northern india it is situated in the eastern part of the city on the southern right bank of the yamuna jumna river

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